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    While you're here, I would like to introduce my two passions in life; Makeup and Mental Health.  We believe that Mental Health issues need to be discussed and normalized in our society. 
     Today, one in four women suffer from Mental Health conditions and we think that the ritual of applying a layer of armor to our faces, actually makes us feel better and gives us the strength to fight and make it through the day.  Our mission is to bring awareness to Mental Health and destigmatize it.  Our cool gold, pill-shaped lipstick tubes is a symbol of often needed help from medication; while the names of our various shades are a playful or literal reflection of various conditions and symptoms, inspired to evoke conversations.
     Offering this line of lipsticks is a true labor of love and a concept that came out my personal experience with mental illness.  I was diagnosed with Depression when I was young and being treated was something that nobody ever discussed.  As I grew up, I discovered self-care and learned coping techniques.  The ritual of applying makeup became part of my arsenal; it helps me look good and feel better.  I no longer feel defeated because I struggle with mental conditions.  I actually feel empowered because I have been able to enjoy the successful life I have made for myself.       
       My makeup is for makeup lovers, but we're more than just a lipstick company.  We're committed to helping you look and feel your best, and we are MAKEUP THAT HELPS DESTIGMATIZE MENTAL HEALTH.  For that reason, we provide financial support by donating a portion of the purchase price to the NATIONAL ALLIANCE on MENTAL ILLNESS(nami.org).
     So take a look around, I'm sure you'll find just what the doctor ordered, with our line of highly pigmented lipsticks in so many amazing shades, that will make you look good and feel great.  All our makeup is cruelty-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, and most are vegan.  And they're made right here in the USA.  
     Here at Doll Hospytal, we believe we can all do our part. The more we can talk and make Mental Health conversations more of a norm, people will feel comfortable to get the help they need.  We want all our Dolls to know that they are not alone and should never feel ashamed.  We can fight Mental Health Stigma one lipstick at a time. 





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